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Exploring the Safety of Sedation Dentistry for Children

March 1, 2024

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a child receiving sedation dentistry

As a parent, ensuring your child’s dental health is a top priority. However, when faced with the prospect of dental procedures, or even simple checkups and cleanings, some children aren’t exactly enthusiastic. This is where sedation dentistry comes in handy; it allows patients to receive virtually any sort of care without any of the stress, nerves or discomfort that can be associated with certain treatments. But it’s natural to wonder if these solutions are totally safe for children. Here’s a little more information about sedation dentistry and how it’s safely used to help children receive dental care.


Does Your Child Have a Loose Tooth? Here’s What To Do!

February 23, 2024

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Child smiling while holding baby tooth

Is your child around the age of six? If so, then it’s only a matter of time until their baby teeth start to fall out. This happens when their adult teeth are ready to emerge, causing the root of their primary teeth to dissolve. That’s why it’s so important not to pull a tooth before it’s ready – it’s all part of the process! Plus, you don’t want your child to be scarred by the experience. After all, they have a lot more teeth to lose. With all of this in mind, keep reading to learn how to pull your child’s tooth loose the safe way.


Is There a Reason to Get Braces on the Baby Teeth?

January 2, 2024

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a closeup of a child with braces smiling

If your child has crooked baby teeth, you might be wondering if the issue can be resolved—or if it even should be resolved, given that baby teeth are intended to fall out. However, there are many reasons for undergoing phase 1 orthodontics, which is the go-to treatment for dental issues affecting the baby teeth. Continue reading below to learn a little more about phase 1 orthodontics and how it can benefit your child’s teeth and set them up for a future of ideal oral health!


Are Teething Rings Safe for Young Children?

December 1, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — simplyclinton @ 5:58 pm
a closeup of a child using a teething ring

As a parent, you should want what’s best for your little one, so any time you see them in distress, you’ll want to act quickly to make things right! One instance that might cause them grief is teething; even though this is a natural process that all kids go through, it’s often pretty unpleasant and uncomfortable for them. Fortunately, teething rings can provide relief—and in a safe manner! Continue reading below to learn more from your pediatric dentist about the teething process and how the right type of teething ring can provide relief for your child.


A Parent’s Brief Guide to Helping Your Child Brush Their Teeth

November 3, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — simplyclinton @ 6:58 pm
a parent helping their child brush their teeth

As a parent, you should want what’s best for your child, no matter how old they are. This includes all sorts of things—getting them into a good school, helping them to eat a well-balanced diet, encouraging them to make friends, and of course, assisting them with maintaining a healthy smile! And this starts early on; brushing from a young age is certain to set your child’s teeth up for future wellness. Continue reading below for four must-know tips that your trusted pediatric dentist wants you to keep in mind as you begin teaching your little one how to brush their pearly whites!


Help Your Child Avoid Cavities with These Healthy Snack Options

October 1, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — simplyclinton @ 6:20 pm
a child eating a piece of celery

We all love seeing our little ones munch on their favorite snacks, but did you know that many of these seemingly harmless sugary and carb-loaded treats are actually setting the stage for cavities to develop? Cavities are one of the most common oral conditions affecting children, and snacking habits play a significant role in their formation. Luckily, as a parent you have quite a bit of control regarding what your kid eats, meaning that you can also prepare meals and snacks that discourage them. Continue reading below to learn a little more from your dentist about how snacking can lead to cavities in children, along with some sensible, smile-friendly alternatives!


A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Two-Year Molars

September 2, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — simplyclinton @ 2:59 am
a toddler visiting their dentist

As parents, we eagerly anticipate each milestone in our child’s development, from their very first step to the utterance of their first word. One significant milestone that’s often surprising is the emergence of the two-year molars. These back teeth, also called second molars, generally bring about some challenges for children as they navigate the teething process. Continue reading below to learn a little more from your pediatric dentist about these teeth and what you can do to help your child deal with some of the discomfort triggered by their arrival.


Are There Any Benefits to Wearing Braces Twice?

August 2, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — simplyclinton @ 9:14 pm
a child with braces smiling

Braces are perhaps the most tried-and-true and iconic of all dental treatments, and they’ve assisted generations of young patients with achieving straighter, healthier smiles. But sometimes teeth are stubborn, and even after wearing braces, they shift back into incorrect positions and undo all of that hard work! However, this isn’t always a bad thing—in fact, there are numerous awesome benefits to undergoing orthodontics a second time. Here’s a closer look at a few reasons why your child might need braces again, along with some of the unique advantages offered by the treatment.


3 Reasons Your Teeth May Not Be Tracking with Invisalign

July 20, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — simplyclinton @ 9:42 pm
Teen girl pointing to her teeth while smiling and holding clear aligner

A crucial part of the Invisalign treatment process is visiting your orthodontist periodically so they can monitor the movement of your teeth. So, what happens if your teeth aren’t moving as anticipated? Before ordering more aligners or adjusting your treatment plan, it can be helpful to get a better understanding of why your teeth may not be tracking properly with Invisalign. With this in mind, here are three reasons this happens.


Helping Your Child Conquer Dental-Related Anxiety Through Reading

June 2, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — simplyclinton @ 8:40 pm
a parent reading to their child

Let’s face it—visiting the dentist, even for routine preventive care, isn’t always the most enjoyable experience in the world. In fact, many people absolutely dread visiting the dentist—and this dental-related fear can impact adults and children alike! Fortunately, solutions like sedation dentistry usually provide the necessary amount of relief needed for anxious patients of any age to receive dental care. But did you know that certain books can also prove useful when it comes to inspiring children before visiting their dentist? Keep reading to learn more about a few children’s books that can help your little one feel confident and brave about their upcoming dental checkup.

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